Level Rewards Written Sign Up Instructions

If you are choosing to follow these written instructions rather than the video, please follow them carefully. 

If you would like to print these instructions, how exactly you do that depends on the browser you are using, but to print, you first need to open the PDF of this file. You can CLICK HERE to do that. Depending on your browser,  it will either open the PDF immediately or it will download it to your computer.

Obviously, if it doesn't open immediately then it has downloaded it to your computer.

If it downloads it to your computer, you will need to go to your 'Downloads" and open the file "LevelRewardsWritten2.pdf.  Typically, after you open it, you can right click your mouse and it will give you an option to print, you can click the three dots (…) in the upper right corner of your browser and it will give you the option to print, or you may simply see a printer icon that you can click on.


Obviously, if you print the instructions you will need to go back to the original page that has the "Join Level Rewards" button  (which should still be open in a tab on your computer), and then you will need to click the "Join Level Rewards" button and follow the instructions you just printed (these instructions your looking at).

IMPORTANT: You MUST sign up with Level Rewards through the "Join Level Rewards" button on the page (should be still open), that you just left,  to print these instructions, or you will not be able to use this system (clicking that specific button insures that you are referred by someone, which you MUST be).

The amount of money that can be made from this website is absolutely incredible and the fact that YOU control whether or not you spend any money makes it even more so. ALL you need to do is ‘get qualified’ at the various levels ONCE and you are qualified for LIFE and can make this money over and over. Level Rewards has NO sign up fees and NO monthly fees of any kind.  

There is absolutely no doubt that it is MUCH easier to make really good money with this program (even for a person with no experience) than it is with all the hyped up programs out there, that can cost you thousands.

The process for putting yourself in a money making position is quick and easy.  The concept is simple: YOU control how much money you make and can give yourself a raise any time you choose simply by “Leveling Up”. You can do this in a matter of minutes by participating in the “trial offers” that are available to you within this website.

The bottom line is that if you participate in an offer and keep the offer 90% of the trial period and then cancel it, it costs you nothing.  Where I come from, if it ends up costing you nothing, it’s FREE!

Obviously, the companies offering the “trials” hope that you decide to continue the trial after the end of the trial period. They may “suggest” that you keep it, but you are NOT required to keep anything. As a matter of fact, in most cases, you will get credit immediately, but you must show ‘good faith’ by keeping the offers a MINIMUM of 90% of the trial period. Taking the offers is simple and then cancelling them after 90% of the trial period is a snap.

NOTE: You do not have to keep any offers, but understand this: These companies are spending money to advertise (by paying you), so they are trying to make a profit. If they don't ever make money on these offers, then they won't keep advertising with us, so if you can, keep an offer or two for a month or so. If you can't, then you can't, but if you can, you can write it off your income tax as a "business expense."

I suggest that you simply write down each offer and the date you take it, multiply the “trial period” (ie. 7 days) times .90 (90%) count forward and put it on your calendar. It is a good idea that when you are taking each offer, go ahead and look what you need to do to cancel it, should you so decide to, and write that down as well (like the phone number or the website address).


 As a matter of fact, inside the marketing system, we even give you are resource list that tells you how to contact each company (email and phone) that makes it even easier.

Just consider this simple process as “on the job training.” From the point of view of Level Rewards, they do not want anyone representing their company who does not know exactly how this process works and from their perspective, the best way to make sure of that is to have each agent do the process themselves.

Set a goal for yourself to get to Level 10 and try to do it as soon as possible. GET TO LEVEL 5 in your first 24 hours and Level Rewards gives you a free level. Then work on getting to Level 10.  At Level 10 you can make $50 for every referral that comes in under you AND at Level 10 we will give you even MORE free traffic which means MORE free $ for you!


This is a quick, easy, and painless process and WOW the payoff can be tremendous…

NOTE: Remember, it is NOT recommended to use Internet Explorer for doing the tasks inside Level Rewards. If that is all you have, I would definitely recommend downloading Google Chrome, Just search for that on the search engine, download it, open it, and come back to the page whose website address you just wrote down. Obviously, if you are on an iPad or iPhone use your normal browser.

These written instructions opened in a new and separate window/tab from the page that has the instructional video.  As you will also notice, when you click on the button below the video:


The Level Rewards Register Page:

Also opens in a new window/tab, so it makes it super easy to follow the step by step instructions by going back and forth between the open windows/tabs to do each simple task that the instructions show you to do in Level Rewards.

So initially, when you click on the “Join Level Rewards” button it will open up to the REGISTER page. Simply scroll down and fill in the information it asks for

Make SURE to use THE email where you can receive information because Level Rewards IS going to ask you to confirm it. Also, make SURE to write down your username and password, then click NEXT and it takes you to finish registering:

Make sure and use you real, valid address because they are going to send you a 1099 for taxes on all this money you will make. If someone else in your household wants to do this, they would actually be better off just helping you, but if they want an account they CANNOT do it from the same IP address as you.

You also need to make sure that you are actually being referred by someone (shows at the bottom of the page). If you are not, you need to go back and click on “Join Level Rewards”  on the page that you should still be open.

 After you finish this simple stuff, just click on “REGISTER” and that should take you to the “OFFERS” page:  



Notice, directly under the image you can “sort” the offers by: Featured, Cost, or Credit Value.

Then scroll down and you will see the first page of offers (the offers do change from time to time):



IMPORTANT: NEVER under any circumstances should you complete an offer over the phone. If you want it to count for Level Rewards you MUST complete it after clicking on the offer on the “Offers” page.


When you are ready to take an offer, simply click on it and a page like this will appear:

As you will see, it gives you a little description and tells you again that you must keep the offer 90% of the trial period. I am not allowed to tell you specifically which offers to take, but I know from experience that this offer credits immediately, so they are trusting you to follow the rules and keep it 90%. If you do not, they will revoke the credit.

So if you are ready to proceed, just click:

Of course, it depends on which offer you are doing at the moment, but I am just going to walk you through how simple any of them are to do. As a matter of fact, the one I will show is probably one of the most difficult and it is still super simple.

After you click the button it will take you to the actual offer website. These are NOT third party websites, these are the actual corporate websites of these companies so they are TOTALLY safe with security credentials and total encryption

The “S” at the end of https:// literally stands for SECURE.

As you can see (outlined in red), this particular offer even tells you the day that the trial ends and also gives the number to call and cancel. All of the offers make it easy if you so decide to cancel them after 90% of the trial period.

They just ask for basic stuff and then they all have a button that says “continue” or “next” or something similar…

Simply fill in your basic information and if asked where you saw the ad put levelrewards.com then click Continue…


This particular offer is to see your credit report, so they ask for a little more stuff, MAKE SURE to write down your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

 Then click Continue.

This particular offer REALLY wants to make sure that you are you, so it asks you some easy questions to answer…


Then click Submit Authentications

 Then it takes you to the page to put in your details. Remember, this is a trial, cancel it on day 7 and there is NO CHARGE…



They clearly want to make sure that you know exactly when and how to cancel…

Click “I agree and accept”… 


Then it will take you in and you can see your scores.


And that’s it for this offer. That took you all of about 3 – 5 minutes…



Each of these offers will send you an email, make sure and find those emails and save them. I just created a little file called “Offers” and put them all in that email file.


This pops up IMMEDIATELY after taking this particular offer…


Just like that, you got 2 credits, please take note of what the highlighted area says:


REMEMBER, most of these offers actually want you to TRY them, so you need to login to your offers AT LEAST ONCE during the trial period…


If this is your first offer, you will see this pop up immediately after the one above it. That is how quick and painless this process is. Just like that, in maybe 5 minutes, you have positioned yourself in a money making position

 So put yourself in an even better position to make even more money, go ahead and LEVEL UP even more. Within just a few minutes you can get to where you REALLY need to be. Make it a goal to make as much money as possible and get that free traffic we will send you when you hit…

It is absolutely true that your people WILL strive to get to whatever level YOU achieve. So for your sake and there’s lead them where they should go. People DO play “follow the leader” so BE ONE!

 Now that you see how easy this is, go back to the OFFERS page and continue to LEVEL UP

Very quickly, your bank account will be thanking you!


There are literally MILLIONS of people looking for something just like this, so seize the moment and get this going RIGHT NOW!

To your unbridled SUCCESS!

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